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What is CBD?

The medicinal benefits of Cannabis have been known throughout human history, spanning centuries on end. Cannabis, an umbrella term, refers to both the Hemp and Marijuana plant,two different varieties belonging to the Cannabis Sativa species



Cannabidiol interacts with ECS receptors to normalise any fluctuations in your body, and ensures you stay positive, healthy, and balanced throughout the day.


CBD oil is recognised by the WHO as the 2nd most effective sleep supplement. Perfect for those with irregular sleep as well as those with serious conditions like insomnia.

CBD Gummies

Recommended by medical professionals worldwide for people with mild to severe symptoms of anxiety. Feel like yourself again.

The definitive guide to CBD

We don’t just supply a best-in-market product; we also provide you all the information to reach that conclusion on your own. Head to our blog to educate yourself on all things CBD – cannabidiol, hemp oil, buying CBD oil in India, and much more. It’s important to be sure of the quality of CBD you are buying in India. As CBD is a new and upcoming industry, it is largely unregulated. At this point its important to make sure that the brand you’re buying from is trusted and provides safe and quality CBD oil in India. Infact, many broad spectrum products that are being sold in India are in fact CBD isolates – a cheap CBD extract that is derived from the waste parts of the hemp plant. It is important to check the ingredients behind every bottle to make sure you are getting a “broad spectrum CBD extract”.

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Not every CBD product is created equal.

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